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One on One Private Lessons

Basic to Advanced Obedience ~ Sport Foundations ~ Behavior Modification ~ Tricks ~ Home & Public Manners ~ What else can we think up?!

^ Working those holds! ^

Definitely our most popular program. Private Lessons are targeted one on one training time with an experienced professional trainer. These sessions are held at your convenience and can be in your home, a park, or other public location depending on your dog's training level and your goals!

There are so many skills private lessons can work on! Anything from puppy foundations for pet or sport dogs, basic skills, to more advanced training including off leash work/reliable recalls, competition obedience, scentwork, public/in home manners, handler trust, and focus. To problem solving, behavioral help, reactivity, environmental exposure, engagement, tricks, and so much more! What can you dream up?

For schedule and budget ease we offer single session time blocks, as well as programs of multiple sessions with a discount! Lesson times can also be split between multiple people/dogs as well.

To get you & your dog signed up, Contact Us Today!

Lessons are $100/hr or available in packages of 5 (for $450), or 10 (for $900) including up to 30min of total travel per lesson, further drive times may be subject to mileage
^ Tracking commitment, even even in mud ^

^ Cubbie and his owner working at their vet clinic ^

^ Recall and Offleash Hiking Work ^
^ Tricks are a great way to keep dogs thinking/moving, plus they're a ton of fun! ^
^ Working on that recall! ^
^ Table Manners. Check! ^