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Pacific Northwest Trail Dogs

Hiking Adventures for ALL Dogs!!

A walk or run around town is nice, but nothing can beat getting off the pavement and into the woods or out to the beaches for some real freedom and adventure! We've spent a lifetime finding and gaining access to some seriously secluded and beautiful areas of the PNW, and now we'd like to invite your pup(s) to join us!

These hikes are designed to get your dog out where they can run, play, and blow off steam! As well as helping to build, improve, or maintain social skills with other (familiar) dogs! In addition we also work on skills dogs need to be good/safe TrailDogs too!
This will include things like recall (coming back when called) and what we call 'TrailDog Basics" which include things like check ins, following/finding trails, ignoring wildlife, and staying with/finding the group. All miles way from pavement, people, traffic, and unknown dogs!

Hikes are offered several times throughout the week, and dogs will be matched up with groups to help them succeed! This program is designed to be able to accommodate most dogs, including those with some training challenges, because all dogs deserve to get out of town and safely enjoy themselves!

Standard Hikes- $65 per dog/per hike
New Dog/Evaluation Hike- $80
Specialty/Training/Solo Hikes- $85-100 dog/per hike
Solo Hikes can be scheduled as needed, contact for info.

Local pickup and drop off is included in cost! Outside of range pickups available w/ travel fee)

Ready to Hike?! Contact us!