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News and Updates

  • Update 09/27/21

Quick overall update!
  • Update 04/20/20
News and Updates Page Added!!
  • Update 04/06/20


PNW Trail Dogs - Hiking adventures for ALL dogs!

Board and Train page updated!

Board & Train, Boarding, Day Training, and Adventure Days are Open! More info on the 3/15 update, let us know any questions!

Sales have been extended!

Day Training, Board and Train, and Private Lessons will remain on sale! The PNW TrailDogs Program will also debut at a discounted rate!

We know these are interesting and trying times for many, and we are committed to helping our neighbors (human and canine) get through this together!

  • Update 03/15/20
Board & Train, Boarding, Day Training, and Adventure Days are Open!
Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic recommended health/safety precautions we will be altering our pickup/drop off protocols, and continue to adhere to an ever updating distance and sanitation plan. Please feel free to contact us with any questions!

Board & Train as well as Boarding programs are running uninterrupted in our homes. Pickups/Drop off plans are made individually, and will be done outdoors for now. 
Day Training and Adventure Day programs are running! Contact us to schedule, or to discuss our current procedures and plans in this interesting time, and ever changing landscape.
Urban Dog program temporarily suspended! We will resume when the stay at home orders are lifted/it's safe to resume normal activity in the community.
  • Update 02/01/20
New Program! 

Are you ready to take advantage of more dog friendly places in your neighborhood? This program is focused on creating an easy, go anywhere, adventure buddy! 

Great for puppies and younger dogs as safe socialization and exposure to the world. Adult dogs and puppies will also benefit from learning proper manners and building confidence in a wide range of environments.
  • Update & Sale! 12/14/19
* Winter Sale and Website Update! *
We are super excited about the holiday season, and our brand new website update! To celebrate and give back to you guys we are putting several of our programs/packages on sale!!

What's all on sale?!
  • Update 12/01/19

We're back on social media! 

For more new updates Like (50Tree) Canine Coaching on Facebook and Follow @50TreeCanine on Instagram for tons of fun, cute, and educational posts. As well as to follow the stories of the dogs and owners we are lucky enough to train with!

Just click the pictures above, or follow the links below to go to visit us!
  • Update 12/1/19
(50Tree) Alumni Meetups!
What is this? Fun, targeted, unique adventures for dogs and handlers seeking to grow their skills, expand their horizons, and find a community full of ever expanding goals, spotting, support, and more!

Alumni Meetups will happen both in urban and more rural places to help create engaged, creative, unflappable canine/handler teams no matter the environment!

This program is a great addition to any companion or competition dog's life because, really, who doesn't want that rock steady reliable 'roll dog' by their side both on AND off the trial field! Well, working in every possible location is the start of how we get there!

Want to join us? More Details Coming Soon!
  • Update 11/17/19
We're Back Training Full Time, Finally!!
Thank you all for your patience while our head trainer has been out recovering! We are excited to announce (50Tree) Canine is now back to training FULL TIME which has also allowed us to reopen spots across some of our programs and open new ones!

We are ecstatic to be back working and training with you guys full time no, and can't wait to help you and your dog reach your goals on the trial field, on the city streets, and in your home!