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Upcoming Group Classes

Group classes are a fun way to jump into training with your dog. These are offered on a limited basis, and will mostly be focusing on competition skills useful in a variety of obedience based sports! We also have 'Game On!' series of classes, building focus and engagement in a variety of environments. Others will occasionally be offered by request, contact us with any interest or to get on a wait-list!

This page will highlight current upcoming classes only, and are not all the classes we offer. Classes are limited, so are usually held by request, feel free to contact us if you would like more info on what we offer! Class Enrollment and request form is at the bottom of this page, we'd love to hear from you. Classes are currently held on the west side, in the Tigard/Beaverton area!
'Game On!' - Level 1
Next Class Starts: Sunday August 16th @ 10:15am

This class will focus on building a strong working relationship between dog and handler, cues that will help provide context for work, and a dog that pushes to work no matter the environment or distractions! This class is a great option for all ages, experience levels, and just about every competition goal...who couldn't use more focus and engagement from their dog?!

In this class we'll be working on skills such as:

  • Marker/Communication Systems for Sport Dogs
  • Loading Behaviors
  • Offered Engagement Game
  • Environmental planning for success
  • Reward Applications & Management for Sport Dogs
  • Toy Skills Assessment
  • Environmental Confidence Building

Class Length: 6 weeks (First week no dogs) / Class Cost: $180 $200

Competition Obedience
Next Class Starts: Sunday August 16th at 11:30am

This is a Competition Obedience Basics Class that will continue to build on your a obedience foundations. Great for dogs that have had an intro to some of the foundation obedience skills already, but are still learning and growing their skills. 
Dogs entering this class are advised to have an introduction to the following skills/behaviors. A basic marker system, understand luring, paw target, intro to positions (Sit/Down/Stand- lured is fine), and intro to heelwork/ heel foundations. If you have any questions on if your dog would be appropriate for this class, please feel free to message us!

In this class we will be working on building a variety of skill, such as:
• Clear Communication for our Sport Dogs
• Competition Heel Foundations
• Formal Position Foundations (Sit/Down/Stand)
• Wrap Poles
• Handling Tolerance for Sport Work
• Body Awareness Exercises
• Toy Play, and using toys as a reward

Class Length: 6 weeks (All weeks with dogs) / Class Cost: $180 $220

Walk With Me - Leash Manners 101
Next Class Starts: Sunday August 16th at 9:00am

'Walk With Me' is our Loose Leash Walking class. Teaching reliable, real world leash skills and manners to even the worst pullers!

Ready to be able to on a walk around the neighborhood, take your dog downtown, or to one of our many Portland area dog friendly cafe/patio dining areas etc. without being drug there by an overexcited dog? This is the class for you! 

In this class we will focus on building a solid understand and reliable leash manners through a proven training program, clear communication, and consistency. This is an all tools class and we are happy to work with people to find the right management tools to help make life easier while training is still underway.

This class will be focusing on leash manners and pulling, and is not geared towards reactive dogs. Have a dog that barks, lunges, or is reactive to people or other animals? Check out our Reactive Rover classes instead! 

Class Length: 6 weeks (First week no dogs) / Class Cost: $180 $200

Class Enrollment (and Class Request) Form

Thank you for enrolling in class! We will contact you to confirm your spot. Please reach out with any questions you have!

Thank you!
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