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In Home Board and Train
Our in home Board and Train Programs bring together lifetimes of experience and passion under one roof to help you and your dog come together as a team! Dogs are integrated into our home and handled, worked, and exercised by one of our experienced trainers. Individual Training Plans are developed for each dog, and training and/or behavior goals are arranged prior to pick up!
 Every dog that goes through our Board and Train programs will receive frequent updates throughout their dog's stay, in (your) home follow up lessons to help ensure a smooth transition, a complimentary day of Day Training or a PNW TrailDog Adventure, a lifetime of follow up support after they're back at home, and pickup/drop off is always included
We are committed to seeing you and your dog succeed as a team. Weather in the home, on the field, or at a cafe downtown we'd love to help you reach your goals! To get your dog signed up, Contact Us today!
Puppy Foundations
Basics for puppies 7mos and under
Puppy Programs set you and your new puppy up to succeed! During their stay we'll be focusing heavily on ...

  • Marker Systems Development
  • Name Recognition
  • Recall (Coming when Called)
  • Sit/Down on Cue
  • Leash Walking Basics
  • Place/Matwork Basics
  • Intro to Proper Potty Habits
  • Proper Greetings (No Jumping)
  • Leave it!
  • Crate Training/Crate Games
  • Handling Tolerance (For Nail Trims, Grooming, Vet Care etc)
Puppy Troubleshooting
  • Exposure to a wide array of Sights, Sounds, People, and Other Animals.
  • Customization Available!!

Available in many options to meet your needs!
Two Week Program $2,000
Four Week Program $3,000
Eight Week Program $5,000
Custom Companion & Sport Program
Goals based training for dogs of all ages & lifestyles!

Custom Programs allow for individual goals set by the owner. These goals can be competition/sport work, or companion/house skills. The sky really is the limit!

  • Drive Building
  • Toy Play
  • Holds/Retrieves
  • Competition Heelwork
  • Tracking (Footstep/IGP Tracking)
  • Pivot Bowls
  • Target/Platform work
  • Fronts and Finishes
  • Positions/Position Changes
  • House manners
  • Proper Greetings
  • Loose Leash Walking
  • No Jumping
  • Leave it
  • Coming when called (Recalls)
  • And so much more!

Available in many options to meet your needs!
Two Week Program $2,200
Four Week Program $3,500
Eight Week Program $5,000
Behavior Modification
Real training & solutions for ALL dogs!
Custom programs designed to help dogs of all types and challenges learn new/better habits and skills!
A clear and balanced approach to any/all types of problematic or troublesome behaviors!

  • Leash Reactivity (Barking/Lunging)
  • Confidence Building
  • Resource Guarding
  • Off Leash Training
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Aggression
  • Fear/Fearful Behaviors
  • Bolting
  • Cooperative Care
  • Grooming & Nail Care
  • Escape artists/fence jumping
  • Car Guarding/Barrier Aggression
  • Overactivity
  • Handling and Touch Issues
  • Barking or Biting
  • And much more!!

Available in many options to meet your needs!
Four Week Program $4,000
Eight Week Program $5,500

Daily & Custom B&T
Daily programs for shorter trips & brush up work
Custom by the day board and train program. Especially useful for shorter trips out of town, brush ups, and starting new skills!

Length chosen by you, and we'll discuss any/all goals beforehand!

Rate $100/day

Contact us with any questions, or for more info!