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Welcome to (50Tree) Canine Coaching!

From high level performance dogs, to well behaved companions we offer fun, focused, reliable, results based training for all types of dogs, owners, and goals!

Combining clear criteria and communication, consistency, relationship building, and a love for thinking/working outside the box all into one place to help you and your dog succeed as a team!

No two dogs, or circumstances, are created equal. We understand that and work hard to make sure each of our programs are customized to you, your dog, your goals, and your lifestyle!

Updates and Events

  • Update 05/15/22

Quick Spring Website Update!

We are committed to both you and your dog's success! Have a goal, a training program/idea you are looking for but don't see, or maybe you just have a question? Please head over to the Contact page and give us a call or send us a message, we look forward to hearing from you!